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A quality web site is never “finished??it is always a work in progress. Your visitors expect
 what they see to be fresh, with constant updates and improvements. Repeat visitors do not
 want to see exactly the same static content when they return weeks or months later.

To remain timely, a site requires regular maintenance and care. Some examples of key maintenance required might include:

  • Editorial updates and revisions to keep information fresh and current.
  • Changes to business practices, products offered, procedures and policies.
  • Announcements, newsletters and helpful hints to support your customers and attract new business.
  • Advice from an expert (YOU!) on how to respond or adapt to today’s special challenges.
  • “Special Offers?and time-sensitive information.
  • Seasonal greetings and promotions.
  • Re-design of the site “look?and “feel?to keep it fresh.
  • Changing images to avoid being stale or static.
  • Calendar of events (at least 2-3 months into the future).
  • Additional features to make the site more interesting, interactive, and give it additional value.
  • Additional submission or re-submission to Search Engines
  • Ongoing review of Search Engine Position or ranking.
  • Changes to staff or department contact information.
  • Analysis of site usage including
    • Volume of visitors, and how long do they stay?
    • Referral sources
    • Most popular pages
    • Trends by time period
    • Types of browsers used
    • Visitor location by country

We can design a Maintenance program based on the size of your site, the market you serve, the realities of your budget, and the dynamics that drive your business. Your company is unique, and your web presence should help to identify what sets you apart from the rest of the pack.

You determine the nature and frequency of updates. You determine when information becomes stale or stagnant and needs to be refreshed.

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