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-----------------------Redfern Canines
Today’s business climate expects a business to have a “web presence? Just as the telephone and the fax line have become indispensable business tools, the business web site has become a sign of legitimacy and stability.
The 24-Hour Catalog
Your presence on the Internet means the opportunity to promote your business or organization around the clock,and around the world.
  • “Always up-to-date?/li>
  • Promote your products and services
  • Highlight “Specials?/li>
  • Display your business hours
  • Show your location
  • Tell your story

?virtually any type of information you want to convey to prospects and current customers

Smaller Ads, Less Staff, Bigger Profits
A small ad ?or a business card ?can lead your customers to a wealth of information about your business. You can enable your customers to
  • browse your products
  • place an order
  • make a payment

You will increase productivity and the level of customer service without the need for additional staff. Your business will be able to

  • accept job applications
  • publish a newsletter (without printing or postage!)

The possibilities are as broad as your imagination!

Choose Your Audience
Your neighborhood, your town, your region or state, the nation, the world. Depending upon the nature of your business and your vision, you can literally invite customers from anywhere you choose.

Our Experience can help you Get There!

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