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-----------------------Redfern Canines
You’ve got a nifty web site, so now all you have to do is sit back and wait for the visitors to arrive. (We wish it were that easy!)

Unless visitors to your site will be drawn by a focused advertising campaign, or unless they are restricted to members of a specific group, you will probably rely on being found by searches on one of the major search engines. Getting into their listings requires no small amount of work.

If you do absolutely nothing, a few of the engines may find you on their own. They use sophisticated “spiders?that “crawl?the Internet, eventually looking at every registered domain name. However, such a process may take 6 months or more. For subsequent changes, additional months may elapse before each search engine returns to review your site and revise their index.

So How Do I Get Listed?
Some engines accept submissions by web site owners. A form is filled out, and you wait. And you wait. Several weeks or months may go by, but eventually you will be listed on a few.

The process can be speeded up for some engines by “Paid Inclusion.?This means that, for a fee, the engine will scan your site, index it, and include what they find ?usually in a matter of days. Some engines accept a “subscription?for which they re-visit your site and “refresh?your listing once or twice a week, making your changes more likely to be listed.

Some engines accept a limited number of “sponsored?listings for certain keywords (they’re the listings seen at the top of the search results, often noted as “Sponsors?or “Partners?. Depending on the keyword category, those sponsorships may run into the hundreds or thousands of dollars per month.

And a few Search Engines list ONLY web sites that pay, according to a “bidding?process ?the more you pay, the higher you place in the rankings.


What is Pay-Per-Click?
Some sites offer separate ads or listings in priority screen positions for which you are billed either for “impressions?(how many times your ad is displayed) or for “Click-Throughs?(when someone actually clicks on your ad to go to your site.) This category is becoming more and more the norm.


Getting "Optimized"
Each Search Engine uses different formulas to determine which sites appear in what order. The hard fact is: Unless your site is found within the first 20-30 listings, you may NEVER be seen! We can help you to design your site, determine your keywords, and employ professional methods that will give you an improved chance to appear ahead of thousands of other listings that may never be viewed.

Guarantees of specific ranking or retention of such ranking cannot be made.
Keeping abreast of research into the constantly changing rules used by each major search engine
offers the best opportunity to maximize your position.

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